The NSC Advanced Safety Certificate program is a nationally recognized safety curriculum based on proven best practices. For individuals on a safety career path, this program provides a starting point, a clear roadmap and best-in-class educational experiences to meet many industry-leading certification requirements. The Southeastern Chapter National Safety Council offers every course you need to obtain your certification! 

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene (4-Day)

Learn how to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control physical, chemical, ergonomic, and biological hazards within your workplace.

Principles of Occupational Safety & Health (4-Day) 

POSH focuses on best practices for implementing and managing a safety program. The course is a great introduction for anyone new to safety responsibilities and an excellent review for experienced safety practitioners.

Safety Management Techniques (4-Day)

SMT will show you how to be an effective safety manager through a balanced approach to safety management, while addressing administrative, technical and cultural elements of safety.

Safety Training Methods (4-Day)

Learn how to plan, organize, create and deliver performance-based safety training that truly engages employees and improves your organization’s safety practices. 

Ergonomics (1-Day)

The Ergonomics course will teach you how to reduce the number and severity of musculoskeletal injuries in your workplace through a practical and effective program.

Job Safety Analysis (1-Day)

Through discussions, demonstrations and exercises, you’ll learn how to dissect processes in your operation and eliminate or reduce hazards inherent with these processes. You’ll also learn how to enlist participation from frontline employees, supervisors and upper management.

Incident Investigation (1-Day)

The Incident Investigation course focuses on techniques for gathering complete, accurate and objective incident data, establishing root causes, reporting findings and determining corrective action.

Safety Inspections (1-Day)

The Safety Inspections course provides an overview of the safety and health inspection process, then examines specific techniques to improve the process. It also addresses basic skills for conducting various types of inspections and correcting identified hazards.