Work Zone Technician

A one-day course, ideal for new and rising work zone managers with safety and health responsibilities in:

  • highway and street construction
  • bridge, tunnel, water or sewer construction
  • concrete, utilities, or paving industries
  • state transportation and county or municipal street/public works departments

Class Details

Controlling traffic through work areas is one of the most important—and dangerous—operations in construction maintenance. The Work Zone course is an introduction to work zone setup, focusing on specific requirements from the Federal Highway Administration's Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Course Topics: 

  • Introduction and overview of the MUTCD
  • Rules and codes related to public roads
  • Legal requirements for local governments and public entities with regard to roadways and liability
  • Uniformity of traffic control signs and devices
  • Temporary traffic control for streets, roads, bridges and utility repairs
  • Developing plans for temporary traffic control zones, utilizing typical applications in the MUTCD Part 6
  • MUTCD Part 6 I: Roadway incident management

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Work Zone Technician

  • Introductory training (1-day)

  • Above and beyond the state requirements for flaggers and work zone workers

  • Gain a practical understanding of traffic control procedures, operating temporary traffic control (TTC) devices, and MUTCD guidelines

  • Ideal for rising work zone workers and work zone safety managers

Flagger Certification

  • Certification course (4-hour: Novice / 7-hour: Instructor)

  • Meets state requirements for flaggers and flagger instructors

  • Learn necessary flagging procedures and roadway safety

  • Ideal for beginner flaggers and supervisors of flaggers

"I enjoy working with the Council because this organization offers training that greatly improves the quality of life for all of us."

— Chris Garner, Board Member

Fleet Safety Director/OSHA Site Inspector

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