4-Hour Defensive Driving

Our virtual 4-hour driving course helps you avoid collisions and traffic violations. Ideal for employee training, insurance reductions (check with your insurer) and for North Carolina point reduction.

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Class Details

This 4-hour highly interactive defensive driving course is designed to motivate drivers to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. The curriculum helps you avoid collisions and traffic violations by sharing the: 

  • highest level of defensive driving knowledge and skills
  • benefits of being a safe and responsible driver
  • techniques for avoiding high-risk driving behaviors

The curriculum is similar to our 8-hour course, but it is shorter in duration. Your certificate can be used for insurance premium discounts (where offered by your insurance company). NOTE: SC law requires drivers to complete an 8-hour class for point reduction.

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Why take this course?

Employee Safety

Many companies and municipalities rely on our 4-hour training to keep their employees safe behind the wheel.

Insurance Discount

Check with your insurer to see if a 4-hour defensive driving course could lower your insurance rates.

Lifesaving Skills

Traffic collisions occur every 4 minutes in SC. Learn lifelong skills that will keep you safe on the roads.

Point Reduction

North Carolina and some other states grant point reduction for a 4-hour training certificate. South Carolina requires the 8-hour training for point reduction.

Car collisions are the #1 cause of workplace fatalities.

Promote a Safe Culture at Your Workplace

Defensive driving is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and safe workforce. Our reality today is that 37% of work-related deaths are due to transportation, making it the top cause of death in the workplace. Invest in your people—give them top-level training that saves lives. Become a certified Defensive Driving course instructor so you can train your own employees or request a trainer, and we'll schedule a training for you. 

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Ask your questions, schedule a training with us or discuss becoming an instructor. Our SCNSC team is here to help. Reach out today! 

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