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May is Motorcycle Safety Month

Rev Up Your Safety with the South Carolina Motorcycle Safety Task Force

May is Motorcycle Safety Month, a time when riders and drivers alike are reminded to stay aware and alert on the roads. Get tools and tips from the South Carolina Motorcycle Safety Task Force (MSTF) and join us in raising awareness across the state.

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Defensive Driving Saves Lives

As the leader in traffic safety education in the Southeast, we offer defensive driving for all ages and levels of experience. Learn how to change risky driving habits, respond to hazards, and stay safe on the road. Protect your teen, your workforce, or yourself with these effective courses!

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Helping teens—and all drivers—learn how to drive safely and avoid distracted driving behaviors.

Bringing CPR, first aid & emergency care trainings to daycare workers and other caregivers.

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Sharing best practices and training techniques so you can bring lifesaving trainings to your organization or community.

Nancy Fields, CEO Gallman Peronnel Services, Inc.

"I decided to invest in safety education by sending all staff, including myself, to an NSC OSHA 10-hour class. The training we received empowered us to make wise business decisions and provided us with confidence to have tough conversations concerning safety issues that may arise in the workplace."

— Nanci Fields

CEO, Gallman Peronnel Services, Inc.

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