2017 Annual Report

Who We Are 

SCNSC is a joint membership chapter of the National Safety Council serving the states of South Carolina and Georgia. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to promote change to eliminate preventable injuries, death and loss in the communities we serve. 

Our Core Values 


Honest, ethical and forthright behavior in all aspects of our work 


Active support for the advancement of safer communities 


Continuous improvement resulting in transformative impact 


Compelling commitment to accomplishing goals


Effective collaboration to acheive desired outcomes 

Our Vision 

Improving the quality of lives through safety 


Priorities & Strategic Focus

I. Eliminating Injury and Death on the Road Ways

Intent: The Council will aggressively work to achieve the lowest rates of motor vehicle incidents resulting in injury, death and loss throughout the southeast region. We will deliver effective and widespread programs to help drivers develop the defensive skills and awareness to avoid motor vehicle collisions. We will seek out partners to support, advocate and implement roadway safety programs and initiatives, resulting in our region having the lowest rate of motor vehicle collisions in the country.

Building upon the success of programs such as Alive at 25 and the Driving Academy will we ensure that all drivers between the ages of 15 and 25 are appropriately trained, educated and continuously informed of safe effective driving practices. As a result, the percentage of roadway incidents for Group 1 drivers will be significantly reduced.

II. Creating a Culture of Safety & Health in the Workplace 

Intent: As a Council, we are committed to an expanded membership base and increasing participation in workplace training, for the purpose of establishing safe and healthy work environments. Developing and working through robust networks of professionals dedicated to the health and safety of their employees, we will provide leadership, resources, support and delivery of services to ensure safety at work.

We will increase our efforts to assist members in meeting and maintaining OSHA compliance. We will work closely with local, state, regional and national agents and individuals to promote and establish policies and regulations that support the health and safety of employees. As a result of our efforts, incidents of work place injury, death and loss will be reduced significantly over the next ten years.

III. Building Safe & Healthy Homes & Communities 

Intent: Eliminating preventable injuries and deaths in homes and communities will be a major priority for the Council over the next ten years. The Council will develop partnerships with kindred organizations, individuals and companies to promote, deliver and advocate home and community safety. Through a safe community initiative, the Council will solicit the participation of neighborhood groups, city/county councils, churches, schools, businesses and other kindred organizations to form Advocacy Groups focused on safety concerns and issues facing their communities.

The Council will provide resources and services that enable home owners and community members to become aware of safety concerns, preventive actions and appropriate response.
The Council will take a leading role to ensure public officials and regulators are aware of health and safety issues facing communities and supporting their efforts to develop public policies in support of health, safe homes and communities.

As a result of our efforts, the incidents of preventable injury and death occurring in the homes and communities we serve will be significantly reduced.