Alive at 25

Teaching our most at-risk drivers (age 15-24) defensive driving skills and the consequences of poor driving decisions. A course requirement for hundreds of high schools and courts across South Carolina & Georgia.

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Alive at 25 focuses on young drivers between the ages of 15 and 24, who are at greatest risk of being in a fatal car crash. This defensive driving course bridges the gap between the rules of the road that teens learn in driver’s education courses and the behaviors and skills they need to be responsible behind the wheel.

One of the key benefits is that it encourages students to talk about their attitudes and feelings related to peer pressure, intentional risk-taking and recognizing hazards. Ultimately, the course teaches young drivers how to take personal responsibility for their own actions, attitudes and driving behaviors.

Many South Carolina & Georgia students are required to take Alive at 25 to receive a parking pass at their high school or to reduce or dismiss a traffic citation. 

Taught by Local Heroes 

Off-duty law enforcement officers and first responders facilitate Alive at 25. Our instructors are passionate about keeping young drivers safe. Instructors are selected based on their personal experiences with fatal collisions—as well as their ability to communicate effectively with teens and create open and meaningful discussions.

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Teen crashes are preventable.

Inexperience, coupled with risk-taking behavior, means a heightened crash risk for teens. While driver education and graduated driver's licensing systems are effective, teens need additional training and guidance to change risky behaviors and improve decision-making skills. This course leaves an impression—gain lifesaving insights in a single 4-hour session.

"I started a mission after receiving a call about a student who died on the way to school. I thought this has got to change . . . so I started searching and found Alive at 25. It is my dream to see all kids in the tri-county area take the class and make it to 25."

— MaryChris Delcioppo

Wando High School Parent

"It's been a few years since my kids took Alive at 25. Both of them continue to have safe driving discounts on insurance, and they make good choices behind the wheel. It's obvious to me that the instructors teach this class with love and with the hope that EVERY child does, indeed, remain Alive at 25. It's their passion and their life mission and they do it well."

— Amye Hawkins


"We are thankful for the program and its mission. Our state ranks near the top in fatalities, drunk driving, and drivers not using constraints. We believe education has excellent power. This partnership is saving lives statewide."

— Jacob Smith

Principal, River Bluff High School

"Many of the students come to class thinking they already know all there is to know about driving because they’ve studied the DMV book. Recently I had a student come up to me and say, “I took the Alive at 25 class and you were so fun and I didn’t want it to end..." I want to help teen drivers think outside the box when it comes to decision making and distraction."

— Kimberly Myers

Instructor, Retired Law Enforcement

"The Alive at 25 curriculum saves lives by addressing not only the mechanical skills that are required but also the emotional and mental skills. This program, unlike many that I have attended, confronts the student with real-life situations and consequences. I am not aware of any other program offered to young drivers that compares to Alive at 25."

— Danny Blackwell

Instructor, Spartanburg Co. Sheriff Office

  • MaryChris Delcioppo

    MaryChris Delcioppo Wando High School Parent

  • Amye Hawkins

    Amye Hawkins Parent

  • Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith Principal, River Bluff High School

  • Kimberly Myers

    Kimberly Myers Instructor, Retired Law Enforcement

  • Danny Blackwell

    Danny Blackwell Instructor, Spartanburg Co. Sheriff Office

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Whether you're looking to organize a training, or you have questions about the Alive at 25 program and curriculum, our team is here to help. 

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What's the difference between Alive at 25 and Driver's Ed?

Alive at 25

  • Encourages students to adopt safer approaches to driving

  • Consists of 4.5 hours in classroom with an emphasis on open discussion

  • Students are encouraged to discuss feelings related to peer pressure and risk taking

Driver’s Education

  • Teaches students to safely operate vehicles and obey the law

  • Consists of 8 hours of classroom instruction paired with 6 hours behind the wheel training

  • Provides lecture-style DMV test preparation that introduces first-time drivers to laws, techniques, and other objectives so they can obtain their license.