The Southeastern Chapter National Safety Council needs your support! Our Annual Campaign supports local community initiatives that tie directly into our mission. Whether you can donate $10 or $10,000, your gift will make a powerful impact on the programs and students we serve. Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to the safety of our communities. 


Alive at 25

SC Alive at 25 is designed to prevent the #1 killer of teens - automobile crashes. The course focuses on the behaviors, decision-making and risks facing young drivers every time they get behind the wheel. To date, more than 136,000 students have completed the program, but because one life lost is still one too many, we need YOUR help.

SCNSC General Fund

Please consider a gift directly to the SCNSC. Your generous donation helps create a pool of available resources that can easily be directed where they are needed most.

South Carolina Operation Lifesaver

South Carolina Operation Lifesaver, a proud affiliate of the SCNSC, actively trains volunteers who offer free rail safety education programs across the state. Our goal is to reduce collisions at highway-rail grade crossings and rail trespass incidents.